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Vye: The Card Game of Capture & Control – Second Edition

Vye: The Card Game of Capture & Control – Second Edition


Vye for control of the kingdom in this beautifully illustrated, strategy card game. In Vye, each player competes to build the largest kingdom… before the Inevitable Empress is drawn. This second edition of Vye contains everything that was offered through the very successful first edition Kickstarter. This edition also includes newly revised rules and rule book, additional colorblind-friendly tokens, and a beautifully redesigned designed box.
  • Vye is the perfect 2 – 5 player game for casual and experienced gamers
  • 110 gorgeously designed cards
  • 156 colorblind-friendly wooden tokens
  • Beautifully designed box and rule book
  • Play time: 25 – 40 minute


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Vye is an area control game that plays quickly across an ever increasing, and oftentimes contentious board, usually taking less than half an hour. It has been favorably compared to Carcassonne, Fealty, Othello and Go.

To play, you take five cards and lay them out as the unconquered lands of Vye. Players choose a color and put their matching house, and tokens in front of them. When played, each family member in a house claims neighboring cards with a unique trait. You’re dealt four cards and during your turn you can play from either your hand or from family. Playing your cards strategically enables you to capture your opponent’s lands and control the largest kingdom, thereby winning the game. Will you see your kingdom fractured or will you remain united and claim the kingdom of Vye before time runs out?


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Dimensions 8 x 6 x 1.5 in
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