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Production Update

Posted by Sand Hat Games on March 01, 2015  /   no comment

Good news! We have more pictures from our printer, BangWee. Production is in full swing and they’re on track for finishing printing, assembly, and packaging in early March. And for more good news, we here at Sand Hat have been tracking the labor dispute clogging our local Port of Seattle since January and we’re pleased […]

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Sample Box, Mass Production, & Printer Update

Posted by Sand Hat Games on January 31, 2015  /   no comment

Great news everyone, we have received our sample of Vye from the printer! We are super excited about how it’s turned out. The look and feel is great. It’s amazing to actually hold a final copy in our hands. Vye is solid and well constructed. The cards feel great and the colors are vibrant and […]

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Holiday Update

Posted by Sand Hat Games on December 23, 2014  /   no comment

Seasons Greetings, everyone! We hope you’re having a lovely time together with family and friends, or possibly hiding downstairs playing games with the neighbor kids. Either way, we’ve got a couple updates for you and then we’re off to do the same. Vye Print Sample Big News! We’ve sent off the digital files to the […]

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Store & PnP

Posted by Sand Hat Games on October 30, 2014  /   no comment

Greetings everyone, great to see you on the other side of the Kickstarter. It’s been just over a week and we wanted to give you status on where we’re at. Sand Hat Store We’ve brought our company store online at There you can purchase the regular game, the collector’s edition, custom tokens, as well […]

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Thank you

Posted by Sand Hat Games on October 17, 2014  /   no comment

When we first came up with Vye, we were three out-of-work game developers trying to gain an edge at job interviews. That was two years ago, almost exactly two years ago. Now, we’ve raised over $60,000. We have over 2,000 backers and the artwork and gameplay of Vye has spread across the entire world. It’s […]

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Those Final Hours

Posted by Sand Hat Games on October 16, 2014  /   no comment

  As I write this, we’re nearing the end of our first Kickstarter for our card game, Vye. It’s been a crazy, fun, and insightful 30 days. We’ve raised over $60,000 for Vye and we have over 2,000 backers. The amount of copies of Vye we’ve sold in the last 30 days is unbelievable. We […]

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