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Second Printing!

Posted by Sand Hat Games on June 23, 2016  /   Posted in Vye

Greetings and salutations, my fine crowdfunding affectionados. It has been too long since we last gave you an update and here’s why (cue drumroll…) The Second Edition of Vye is coming!

We have been supremely busy and wanted to make sure we had everything in order before we made this announcement.
Deciding to do a second printing offered us an opportunity to look back over the game. To take the lessons we’d learned over the last year. To take all the conversations, and demos, and emails and all those niggling little voices in our head and do something about it.
We’ve spent this time going over every rule, every special card, every color choice, and token count and asking ourselves, “Can we do better? Can we make this easier to understand? Can we give the player more power in their choices? Can we make this game more fun?”
What we’ve come up with is an edition of Vye we’re really excited to show all of you. It truly is a second edition worthy of all the support and admiration we’ve gotten from all of you over the past year. Thanks for being playtesters and supporters and game lovers.
We’ll be sending more information soon with the rule changes and updates, including a free, downloadable, printer-friendly PDF version. For now, we want you to know that it’s coming. Here’s some pictures from our printer BangWee Games. They did a great job with our Kickstarter print run and we’re super excited to have them on board for our second edition of Vye.

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