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Oh, You Troublesome Tokens!

Posted by Sand Hat Games on June 23, 2016  /   Posted in Vye

Welcome back, honored friends of Vye, in our last update, we outlined some of the art and production changes we wanted for the second edition. In this update, we’ll take a more detailed look at the tokens.

As we played the first edition of Vye with co-workers, family, friends, and at FLGS tables in various cities (where we met some awesome and enthusiastic people!), we started to notice a trend in the execution of the game from a component perspective – specifically that, under some lighting conditions, we could not see the black tokens on the cards and it could be challenging to tell the blue from the black tokens. Additionally, as we encountered players with various forms of color vision, we discovered our token colors didn’t hold up well. So, we decided to change things.

Initially, we looked to other games for help. We noticed a trend to include browns, whites and purples for player tokens and, when red or green was included, they tended to be lower values and, in some cases, lower saturation. For Vye, we couldn’t deviate too much from chosen token colors as they are intended to match the colors on the family cards. We weren’t too concerned about exact color match, in fact, any green token could be used for the green family, but we didn’t want to remap the colors and give, say, a brown token to the green family. So we had a range of colors we needed to stick with.

Our goals then were clear – choose token colors for our existing set that would stand out on the cards, but that were more color-accessible. We did a few tests, looking at various mixes of tokens with different values and saturations, and we were mostly successful, but we just could not solve for the black token – that associated with the House of the Entangled Soul (or HotES for short). Now, the accent color for the HotES was red – so using red for their token did not work as the House of a Thousand Roses already use a red token. Meanwhile, we found that a magenta colored token that really worked well in the mix, but it didn’t match the accent for HotES – it was just too far from the accent color to be a good visual translation. So we revisited the HotES cards and shifted the red accent color for the family to a magenta to match the token. Here’s what we came up with for the tokens:

And here’s the updated House of the Entangled Soul palette:

Now we had our set of token colors. We put them through color-accessibility filters and looked at them against the cards. The last piece was to make sure our printing partner could reproduce them. This part was the most troublesome of the whole affair. It took a few proofs and requests for alterations, but we’re confident the final components will stand up well.

That’s it for this update. Stay tuned for our next update when we talk about more of the exciting changes coming in the second edition of Vye.

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