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Introduction to the Second Edition of Vye

Posted by Sand Hat Games on June 23, 2016  /   Posted in Vye

Hello, faithful supporters of Vye! This is Doug Woolsey and, over the next few weeks, I will be talking about some of the art and production changes you’ll see in the upcoming Second Edition of Vye.

When our supply of the first edition of Vye was getting low in the summer of 2015, we knew we needed to get another run produced as soon as possible. We began talking with our printing partner, BangWee, to gather cost and timeline information, and tried to figure out how much of our game we could alter for the second printing. We knew that, at a minimum, there were some rulebook changes we wanted to make and we wanted to do something, if possible, about the serious problem we were having with the token colors. The cost of the changes both in manufacturing and time started a larger conversation about what changes a second printing of Vye really needed. We identified a number of core things about the game and its components that we felt needed change and realized that, if we made all of the changes we wanted, not only would we produce a better game than the already great game we had made, but that there would be enough changes that we needed to starkly identify it as different from the first edition. Thus, the second edition was born. We had our list of design, art, and production changes, we chose a chunk of time for the production of the list, and we began working through the items meeting weekly to discuss our progress.

While the thinking behind the game design changes will be detailed in another update, the changes themselves required new thinking about the rulebook contents, layout, and production. All told, the list of art and production changes we identified and changed included:

  • Changing the color of the tokens
  • Settling on a legacy-thoughtful card back
  • Creating a new back of the box graphic that did a better job of showing the game in action
  • Settling on a graphic for special cards
  • Creating new example graphics to accompany the new ruleset
  • Fixing identified art problems on the cards themselves

This list was in addition to other changes we wanted including:

  • Adding five additional tokens per family
  • Adding six white tokens for the new Necropolis rules
  • Enlarging the size of the rulebook
  • Updating the box interior structure to better hold cubes and cards
  • Adding new themed decks for game setup
  • Redesigning the rules for nearly all special and legendary cards
  • Rewriting the rules for simplicity

And we wanted to get all of this done in just a few months. While this might sound like a lot of time, for three guys with families and full-time jobs, it was a pretty ambitious schedule. The design changes had already been decided on and were being aggressively playtested and vetted throughout the process, and knowing the direction the design was taking allowed us to really tackle the art without too many changes along the way.

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