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Collector’s Edition & World of Vye

Posted by Sand Hat Games on April 24, 2015  /   Posted in Vye

Collector’s Edition

It’s finally here, guys! The Vye Collector’s Edition and it’s amazing. We’ve been working hard with Lyris Laser Studio to get the box and tokens exactly how we want them. They’ve been exceptionally patient, working through every detail with us. Now, after months of back and forth tweaking samples, the box is ready.

Each Collector’s Edition box consists of 22 different pieces, all stained, sanded, and assembled by hand, giving them a nice vintage look. The 125 family tokens rest in two pull out trays that sit on top of each other. The cards themselves rest in their own compartment with a card spacer to keep them secure. A sliding lid snugly holds all the game components within the thick wooden box. It really is a beautiful box from Lyris Laser Studio and we’re very proud of all their hard work.


World of Vye

Doug’s artwork for Vye is iconic and timeless. As we worked on the game, we watched it take shape – bringing the world of Vye to life. All that artwork is going into our digital World of Vye book. It’ll be sent to any backer who pledged at the $30 pledge level or higher. The digital book is beautiful, with over 30 pages of art and story, showing off the card artwork like you never seen it before. World of Vye takes you through the evolution of the art, the cards, and the Kickstarter as well. Bringing this book to life was a cathartic and joyful process, and we’re excited to share it with you soon.

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